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Vacationers can enjoy a number of great activities while visiting St. Lucia

What to Do

On arrival in St Lucia, active travelers soon discover that the island offers many interesting attractions. Fishing, golf and water sports are just some of the attractions that you can enjoy during your Caribbean vacation. St. Lucia has something for travelers of all stripes.


As with most places in the Caribbean, fishing in St Lucia is best. Hunting fishermen will find themselves in heaven thanks to the wide range of fish living in the water around the island. Given the abundance of fish in the waters of St. Lucia, the fishermen will have many opportunities to catch the "big fish". Island fishing charters can take you to the best fishing spots, as well as stock up on the gear you may need for the journey. Fishing in Saint Lucia is not just a popular sport, but it is also a way of life for many islands.

Turns green

Golfers can find that St. Lucia is a little short of the golf course. But there are two golf courses on the island, so you can take a break from the sun and enjoy a few golf holes during a tropical holiday. Although not a master of the golf course and Country Club in St. Lucia, it offers an 18-hole challenging golf course in a foreign setting. Sandalwood Island Resort is a 9 hole golf course. Guests can enjoy free golf on the beautiful course with rolling green hills and lush tropical scenery.

Find underwater world

St. Lucia has become a popular holiday destination among diving enthusiasts and divers. Clear, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, boasting many wonderful marine animals including walls, coral reefs, countless fish and other marine animals. Divers and diving enthusiasts will discover that the underwater world of St. Lucia is a fascinating place full of surprising and mysterious places.  While on the island, divers can explore many places on the surface of the bottom of the sea. Scuba diving with debris and walls is one of the most popular types of diving in St. Lucia.