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St. Lucia's past is full of differing international claims to this gorgeous island paradise

Prickly Past

There are twenty-friendly, beautiful and natural, as the content of Christ seen in the past. However, more than meets the eye in this island, and integration has resulted in something of the jaws is sure to be happy.

Many cultures fought in the Chilean time, but the French and the British was the longest conflict. We have more than a century the Island trade back and forth before the final agreement with the British.

In the culture of the islands is from the spirit of the British and the French, the servant in his Africa, and both types in India: Indigenous and Oriental slave structures. This mixture created a unique taste boring.

Many types of crops,including small fish and bananas,played a role in the economy of the planet all year round. Tourists are now beginning to see that this is also all-inclusive holiday the point.

With such a rich history and culture, mining projects, it is easy to see how tourism has become an important aspect of the island's economy. All three at the same time to St George day.