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Weather in St. Lucia in December

December marks the beginning of the high-season for travel to St. Lucia. Warm temperatures in the low-80s and relatively dry conditions make the island an perfect place to enjoy fun in the sun while most of North America is covered in winter weather.

Typical Weather in December

December temperatures in St. Lucia range from an average low of 77.0 degrees to an average high of 83.0 degrees

St. Lucia in December: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
No. of Days
with Rain
83.0° F 77.0° F N.A. 17.0


On a typical December day, during the early morning hours you will probably find the temperature will be around 78.3 degrees. The temperature will rise over the course of the typical December day, reaching somewhere around 82.3 degrees by early afternoon. The temperature in St. Lucia will typically decline by early evening, to approximately 77.3 degrees. For the month of December as a whole, temperatures in St. Lucia average around 80.1 degrees.

December Temperatures in St. Lucia by Time of Day
Early MorningLate MorningEarly AfternoonLate AfternoonEarly EveningOverall
78.3° F 82.0° F 82.3° F 79.9° F 77.3° F 80.1° F


During December, rain is most likely to occur around 8:00 AM, and least likely to occur around 5:00 PM. In St. Lucia during December, thunderstorms -- when they occur -- are most likely sometime around 11:00 AM.

December Rainfall in St. Lucia by Time of Day
Percent Frequencies of Hourly Observations
2:00 AM # #
5:00 AM # #
8:00 AM 26.4 % 0 %
11:00 AM 20 % 0.3 %
2:00 PM 19.1 % 0.3 %
5:00 PM 14.7 % 0 %
8:00 PM 15.7 % 0.3 %
11:00 PM # #
ALL 19.5 % 0.2 %

Daily Temperatures for the month of December