Hotels with Playgrounds Help Make Family Vacations Exciting in St. Lucia

Peace and quiet can be exactly what adults are looking forward to while vacationing in St. Lucia, but younger travelers usually have excess energy to spend. To provide an outlet for youthful energy spurts, 4 hotels in St. Lucia have provided playgrounds for their smallest guests to enjoy. The longer you are staying in St. Lucia the more appreciative you will be if there is a playground available. A playground helps stave off boredom, and it provides a safe place for the kids to burn off some calories, while you plan the next day's activities.

The hotels included in the following table have been ranked by the number of options and amenities they offer that are likely to benefit families vacationing in St. Lucia with their children. Those shown at the bottom of the list do not offer a full array of amenities appealing to families, but they do offer a playground.

Hotel NameCity /
Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort Castries
Rex Resorts St. Lucian Castries
Marlin Quay Gros Islet
Bay Gardens Hotel Castries

Of course, a playground can contribute to a wonderful family vacation, but it may not be the only factor that needs to be considered in selecting the right hotel for your family's vacation in St. Lucia, so you'll probably want to learn more about these hotels

Click on the name of each hotel and you'll zip over to a page containing detailed information concerning other amenities and activities offered by that hotel, as well as the size of the hotel, its star rating, and other attributes.

It might be helpful to find out which hotels offer other amenities appealing to families traveling with children. That could be the the quickest way to discover which of the hotels in St. Lucia offer the amenities you and your kids will enjoy the most.. If you discover there aren't any hotels with the perfect combination of kids amenities and adult attractions, you may want to stay at a hotel with a playground, if its reasonably close to that other hotel with a golf course and other grown-up attractions.

Note: Our hotel information is gathered from multiple sources, including interviews with hotel staff. Though we've done our best to provide the most accurate information, we are not affiliated with the hotel, and encourage you to contact the hotel directly for more information.
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