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St. Lucia's Top Hotels for Swimming Pools

Sipping a cool tropical beverage by the pool – many vacationers discover this is one of their favorite memories of their vacation in St. Lucia. St. Lucia is surrounded by water, but you may spend more time in the hotel's pool than in the water offshore. So, unless you're allergic to chlorine, the list of hotels below might pique your interest.

Every hotel listed below has a swimming pool. They are ranked by the number of pools they offer, and secondarily by the number of rooms relative to the number of swimming pools. This gives top billing to hotels with multiple swimming options and the smallest predicted crowds.

The implicit assumption is that you're more likely to have trouble finding the perfect spot by the pool if the hotel packs a lot of rooms around a single pool. And yet the type of guests attracted to that hotel, the size of the pool, and the proximity to the beach can also make a difference.

Hotel NameCity /
Hot TubAwards
Marlin Quay Gros Islet 27 1.8 Most check N.A.
Stonefield Estate Villa Resort Castries 7 4.6 Most   N.A.
Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort Castries 4 27.6 All check Zagat's
Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort & Spa Castries 4 88.4 A Few check Zagat's
Caribbean Jewel Beach Resort Castries 2 15.0 None check N.A.
Glencastle Resort Castries 2 18.5 Most   N.A.
Rainbow Hotel Castries 2 40.0 None   N.A.
Rainbow Hotel Castries 2 40.0 A Few   N.A.
Sandals Halcyon Beach St. Lucia Castries 2 100.4 Most check N.A.
St. James Club Morgan Bay Resort Gros Islet 2 120.2 Most   N.A.
Inn on the Bay St. Lucia 1 5.0 All   N.A.
Hummingbird Beach Resort Soufriere 1 12.2 Most   N.A.
Fox Grove Inn Mon Repos 1 14.4 Most check N.A.
Coco Kreole Castries 1 20.0 Most   N.A.
Tuxedo Villas Castries 1 20.0 Most   N.A.
Juliette's Lodge Vieux-Fort 1 24.6 Most   N.A.
Villa Beach Cottages Castries 1 28.0 Most   N.A.
East Winds Inn Castries 1 31.2 All check N.A.
Ladera Resort Soufriere 1 34.8 All   Zagat's
Harmony Suites Castries 1 38.0 A Few check N.A.
Bay Gardens Hotel Castries 1 38.0 All   N.A.
Cara Suites Castries Castries 1 40.0 None   N.A.
Sunset Hill Resort & Spa Castries 1 64.2 A Few   N.A.
Royal St. Lucian Castries 1 115.2 Most check N.A.
Rex Resorts Royal Castries 1 115.2 A Few check N.A.
Rex Resorts St. Lucian Castries 1 140.8 A Few check N.A.
Rex Resorts Papillon St. Lucia Castries 1 160.0 Most   N.A.
Jalousie Plantation Soufriere 1 214.4 A Few check Zagat's

Once you pick a few hotels that look interesting, it's easy to take the next step. Click on the name of any hotel and you'll be led to a page full of information about that specific property. Each of the hotels in St. Luciahas its own special ambiance and amenities blend. These detailed information pages can help you get a better feeling for what each hotel is like.. You're just a click away from everything you might want to know about these hotels.

Or you can jump to another section of our guide to learn more about the geography and history of St. Lucia, and many other topics.

Note: Our hotel information is gathered from multiple sources, including interviews with hotel staff. Though we've done our best to provide the most accurate information, we are not affiliated with the hotel, and encourage you to contact the hotel directly for more information.
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