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Rodney Bay

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Visitors who are looking for a quiet stretch of sand in a natural setting might want to visit Rodney Bay.

A yachtsman's haven, Rodney Bay is a man made lagoon that hosts an array of shops, restaurants, and hotels for tourists. The beaches are beautiful but get crowded with tourists and vendors.

This is not just a quiet beach, it is one of the most special stretches of sand in St. Lucia. While Rodney Bay may be a little farther away, it permits unparalleled relaxation opportunities

For some visitors the amenities and attractions at or around a beach are particularly important attributes. Others feel that getting the chance to spend a day in the sun and experience seclusion is extremely important. No matter what you're looking for, St. Lucia has plenty to choose from, and you may decide that Rodney Bay is the perfect beach for you.


Visitors will find this stretch of sand on the northern coast of St. Lucia. It is located 0.1 miles from the Rex Resorts St. Lucian. Rodney Bay is near Rodney Bay, so you can explore the town as part of your day at the beach.

Nearby Hotels

The number of other visitors at the beach can vary widely, depending upon when you visit. You can typically expect to share the beach with hotel guests staying close by. There are a few hotels nearby. Those who would like to stay close to this beach won't have trouble finding a spot.

The following table provides additional hotel options near this beach.

Nearest Hotels to Rodney Bay
Hotel NameDistanceNo. of
Rex Resorts St. Lucian 0.1 mi. 120
Sandals Grand St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort 0.1 mi. 284
Rex Resorts Papillon St. Lucia 0.2 mi. 140
Rex Resorts Royal 0.3 mi. 96
Coco Kreole 0.3 mi. 20
Marlin Quay 0.3 mi. 39
Royal St. Lucian 0.3 mi. 96

Amenities and Ambience

The beach, although a main attraction, can easily become overrun with tourists, but the area is also host to other activities like bars, shops, and sports for a good time.

The amount of people on the beach depends on several things, like the time of year and day of the week. Some of St. Lucia's beaches are more crowded than others especially during the high season.

The atmosphere of this beach is rather different from what is offered at the other beaches in St. Lucia. Many tourists spend their time at Rodney Bay, a crowded area that offers guests every amenity for their journey, including beautiful beaches.


If you're like many travelers, you want to see a lot of great sights during your trip-- and also relax. The beach can help you relax, but natural wonders, like Pigeon Island National Historic Park (located 1.4 miles to the northwest of Rodney Bay) can be a great addition to your vacation experience.

If you're interested in finding out more about the history of St. Lucia there are close by opportunities. For instance, Marquis Estate is located 4.1 miles to the southeast of Rodney Bay.

If activity is your top vacation choice, the following table will show you the beach's closest options.

Attractions Near Rodney Bay
Attraction NameDistanceDirectionType
St. Lucia Yacht Club 0.3 mi. N Recreation (land-based)
Rodney Bay Marina 0.7 mi. NE Recreational Island/Cay
RC Church 0.8 mi. N Church
Pigeon Island National Historic Park 1.4 mi. NW Natural Attraction
Pigeon Point Dive Spot 1.6 mi. NW Natural Attraction
Labrellotte Point Dive Spot 2.0 mi. SW Natural Attraction
Masson Point Dive Spot 2.2 mi. SW Natural Attraction
Gablewoods Entertainment Centre 3.0 mi. S Shopping
Marquis Estate 4.1 mi. SE Historical Site
Sports Complex 4.7 mi. S Recreation (land-based)


If you get hungry for an afternoon snack, not to worry, this beach has you covered without sending you far from these sands.

The table below provides a list of dining options near this beach.

Restaurants Near Rodney Bay
Restaurant NameCuisine TypeMeals ServedDistanceDirection
The Charthouse American dinner 0.1 mi. NE
La Creole, The French Restaurant French dinner 0.2 mi. NE
Key Largo Italian lunch & dinner 0.2 mi. NE
The Lime American breakfast, lunch, dinner 0.3 mi. NE
Big Chef Steak House Steak dinner 0.4 mi. SE
Eagles Inn Seafood lunch & dinner 0.5 mi. NE
Mango Tree Restaurant Polynesian dinner 1.8 mi. SW
Great House French dinner 2.5 mi. N

Beachgoers will find plenty of nice restaurants in St. Lucia, but not every meal has to be eaten in a formal setting. Many visitors like having a meal on the beach. Many hotels will prepare a picnic lunch for you, or you can pick up food from local vendors en route to the beach.

There is also a restaurant at this beach.

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find other beaches besides Rodney Bay in St. Lucia. You might also enjoy a visit to Anse des Sables, located 25.9 miles to the southeast . You'll be blown away by the tropical beauty of Anse des Sables beach.

If you're looking for a more active beach scene, Reduit Beach may be just what you're looking for. It's found 0.1 miles to the north.

Another location you may want to try is Pigeon Point Beach, which can be found 1.3 miles away from Rodney Bay. Not only does Pigeon Point Beach have lusturous white sands, but it also features fascinating history and architecture.

Rodney Bay may not be right for you , but St. Lucia is full of beach options for travelers. Even if this beach isn't perfect for you, you're sure to find something to enjoy.

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