St. Lucia Guide - October Weather

As the fall season begins to bring in cool temperatures over much of North America during October, the weather in St. Lucia maintains its summer like conditions. With temperatures just starting to slightly fall from their peak and rainfall beginning to drop off slightly, the mild weather conditions will delight all vacationers.

Typical Weather in October

During October the temperatures in St. Lucia typically vary between a daily high of about 86.0 degrees and a daily low of approximately 79.0 degrees

October Weather in St. Lucia: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
No. of Days
with Rain
86.0° F 79.0° F N.A. 15.0


On a typical October day, during the early morning hours you will probably find the temperature will be around 81.5 degrees. The temperature will rise over the course of the typical October day, reaching somewhere around 85.0 degrees by early afternoon. By the early evening hours in October the temperature will generally fall to somewhere in the vicinity of 79.5 degrees. Overall, temperatures in St. Lucia during October average around 82.9 degrees.

October Temperatures in St. Lucia by Time of Day
Early MorningLate MorningEarly AfternoonLate AfternoonEarly EveningOverall
81.5° F 85.4° F 85.0° F 82.1° F 79.5° F 82.9° F


Rain is least likely to occur in St. Lucia during October around 8:00 PM, and it is most likely to occur around 2:00 PM. To the extent thunderstorms occur in St. Lucia during October, they are most likely to occur around 8:00 PM, as shown in the following table.

October Rainfall in St. Lucia by Time of Day
Percent Frequencies of Hourly Observations
2:00 AM # #
5:00 AM # #
8:00 AM 21 % 1.6 %
11:00 AM 17.3 % 0.6 %
2:00 PM 23.6 % 1.7 %
5:00 PM 17.3 % 1.4 %
8:00 PM 17.1 % 2 %
11:00 PM # #
ALL 19.4 % 1.4 %

Daily Temperatures for the month of October

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