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Anse Chastanet

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Travelers who prize seaside views in a secluded setting should consider going off the beaten path to Anse Chastanet.

Anse Chastanet features gigantic lush palm trees, which provide cool shady spots for beachgoers to escape the scorching afternoon sun. Rolling green hills add to an interesting contrast the beach's exotic ebony sands.

Although St. Lucia has some beaches that are more secluded than Anse Chastanet the combination of natural setting, personality and other features available at this location might be just what the doctor ordered.

For some visitors the level of activity at a beach and its amenities are particularly important attributes. Others feel that it is the seclusion and the chance to waste away the day on the sand that is the best part of the beach. No matter what you're looking for, St. Lucia has plenty to choose from, and Anse Chastanet may be precisely what you're looking for.


You'll find this sunny section of sand on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia. You can stay nearby at the Anse Chastanet Resort, 0.1 miles away. Anse Chastanet is near Soufriere, so a trip into town is a definite option.

Nearby Hotels

The number of other guests enjoying the beach can vary widely, depending upon when you visit. You can expect to share the beach with hotel guests staying close by. So if you'd like to stay in this vicinity you won't have much difficulty.

The following table provides additional hotel options.

Nearest Hotels to Anse Chastanet
Hotel NameDistanceNo. of
Anse Chastanet Resort 0.1 mi. 94
Hummingbird Beach Resort 0.8 mi. 11
Stonefield Estate Villa Resort 1.9 mi. 16
La Dauphine Estate 2.6 mi. 6
Ladera Resort 2.9 mi. 25
Jalousie Plantation 3.0 mi. 112
Inn on the Bay 8.0 mi. 5

Amenities and Ambience

The crowd at the beach will vary according to several things, like the time of day and the season. Some of St. Lucia's beaches are more crowded than others especially during the high tourism season.

The appealing qualities of this beach are a little different from what you'll enjoy at other beaches in St. Lucia. Anse Chastanet is one of the hidden beaches of St. Lucia.


Natural attractions can be a beautiful way to see more of the island as a part of a day at the beach. A great example is Anse Chastanet Dive Spot, which is 0.6 miles to the southwest of Anse Chastanet.

If you want to discover more interesting facts about the history of St. Lucia you can find opportunities close by. For instance, Mourne Coubaril Estate is located 2.2 miles to the east of Anse Chastanet.

With so many nearby activities you'll never run out of diversions. The attractions closest to this beach are found in the following table.

Attractions Near Anse Chastanet
Attraction NameDistanceDirectionType
Anse Chastanet Dive Spot 0.6 mi. SW Natural Attraction
Anse Cachon Dive Spot 1.2 mi. NW Natural Attraction
Mourne Coubaril Estate 2.2 mi. E Historical Site
Petit Piton 2.5 mi. SE Natural Attraction
Diamon Botanical Gardens 2.6 mi. E Natural Attraction
Diamond Mineral Baths 2.6 mi. E Natural Attraction
Jambette Point Dive Spot 3.7 mi. NW Natural Attraction
Gros Piton Tours 3.9 mi. SE Natural Attraction
Gros Piton 3.9 mi. SE Natural Attraction
Grand Bois Forest 4.3 mi. NE Natural Attraction


No matter the meal, a fantastic way to start—or finish-- your day of fun in the sun is sometimes enjoying a local eatery, where you'll be able to sample the local cuisine without going far.

Some places serving food are included in the following table.

Restaurants Near Anse Chastanet
Restaurant NameCuisine TypeMeals ServedDistanceDirection
Razmataz! Indian dinner 0.2 mi. NE
The Hummingbird Caribbean breakfast, lunch, dinner 0.8 mi. E
The Still Creole varies 2.5 mi. E
Green Parrot French breakfast, lunch, dinner 11.7 mi. N
The Coal Pot French lunch & dinner 12.5 mi. N
Mango Tree Restaurant Polynesian dinner 15.6 mi. N
Big Chef Steak House Steak dinner 17.3 mi. N
La Creole, The French Restaurant French dinner 17.5 mi. N

Every destination has its own style of cuisine, and St. Lucia is no different. A wonderful place to enjoy local fare is right at the beach. Many hotels will prepare a picnic lunch for you, or you can obtain picnic supplies on your way to the beach.

Other Beaches

St. Lucia has many beaches, so you can choose Anse Chastanet or one of the others. Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy Rodney Bay; it's situated 17.3 miles to the north. Rodney Bay's pretty beaches are not the focal point at this tourist haven, where many guests come to spend time at the beach, shops, restaurants, and other areas scattered along the shore.

But, if you're interested in a more active beach, Anse Couchon may be just what you're looking for. It is located 1.3 miles to the northwest.

You may also enjoy Anse des Pitons, located 3.3 miles from Anse Chastanet. Formerly one of St. Lucia's black sand beaches, Anse des Pitons has been transformed into an pearly-white shoreline of sugary sands.

You might find that Anse Chastanet is not your favorite , but if you don't want to visit this beach, you'll find plenty of other choices in St. Lucia.

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